Saw Blades

STABLECUT Saw Blades are designed to achieve straight, accurate, clean cut surfaces necessary for proper implant seating.

STABLECUT Saw Blades are available in a wide breadth of sizes and tooth configurations. The different blade designs offer versatile solutions for a variety of reconstructive surgery needs.


Coarse Aggressive GTS Blade

Designed with fewer teeth per inch for a more aggressive cut. The wide debris relief channel guides bone fragments away from the cutting action, to help minimize skiving.

Tiger Blade

Our tiger tooth pattern features a balance of precision and aggressiveness. Designed with debris channels to guide bone fragments away from the cut.

GTS Blade

Allows for increased debris relief by channelling bone fragments away from the cutting action to minimize skiving. Optimal cutting performance and a clean cut can be achieved using a flat, thick material for the saw blade, then grinding and offsetting the teeth.

Flat Blade

Flat blades tend to progress through the bone more slowly and are regarded as less aggressive.

Tooth Set Blade

Features teeth that are set in an alternating vertical pattern. This creates pathways for debris and allows for an aggressive cut.

Ribbed Blade

Longitudinal ribs are stamped into the material, allowing for debris clearing. The teeth are set in an alternating vertical pattern, creating a pathway for debris and allowing for an aggressive cut.

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